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!6th Youth Festival

12th and 13th October 2013

Skegness Grammar School, Vernon Road

Curtain Up at 5pm each evening

Saturday 12 October

Act is led by Creswell, who has more than 30 years experience of working in the theatre in the UK, the Caribbean and America. Mark Elliott is Act's outreach and Training Co-ordinator. Mark is a costume and set designer and is one of the country's most experienced and talented carnival artists. The community play project involved workshops in acting, design and technical aspects which were linked to the performance. It was eventually named Embracing Tides which summed up its themes. It was written to have a large cast with many named parts and many non-speaking opportunities. It recounted the story of Skegness over the past hundred years and included slides, music and videos. After a great deal of hard work by everyone it went ahead and achieved its primary aim of mass involvement witha huge cast plus local dance schools, youth groups and the Skegness Silver Band; about 80 people in all.

Hobbies for personal development – How dramatic play can enhance learning

The most important goal of our education is our personal development, which is the base for anything else we want to achieve. Dramatic play is a new method to determine personal development naturally. This teaches you to deal with a broad spectrum of emotions, without effort. Dramatic play is a hobby that brings you joy and various benefits.

Top hobbies for personal development

Hobbies are really interesting activities that you choose to do during your free time. As everyone else, you might have multiple hobbies but not enough time to do them all. Choosing those activities that have a positive impact on your personal development is an efficient criterion to apply. Practice a few minutes of meditation with some of the interesting escorts with whom you like to spend your free time. You relief stress completely and the overall achievement is a more fulfilled experience at job. Meditation is a way of learning to live more in present and less in past and future.

One of the most popular hobbies around the world with huge benefits for self-development is to join a sport team. Think about a sport that you love and enroll to practice it regularly. The appealing ladies from the Escort Directory might come to watch and support you while you play on the field. If you are not very sporty, join a dance club where a lovely New York escort could be your partner. Mambo or Salsa dances are very popular as they bring more color to your life through the positive mood created after stress is removed.

Enhance learning through dramatic plays

A hobby with outstanding personal development impact is what we call dramatic play. Join the amateur dramatic society to practice this activity with your escorts like those from You will both be actors in theatre plays on different themes. With each role you enhance your learning abilities because the cognitive process is trained through abstract thinking. The last one results from the wide imagination created during your performance, when you feel like being part of a real story. Another important benefit consists in rediscovering what is really important to you as most of the roles are created around personal values. The charming New York escorts will be excited to share their visions with you at a coffee after this experience.

Given the long list of advantages, this kind of theater is more and more extended nowadays. Whether you live in New York or Skegness, you will find a club that organizes role play activities. Invite your escort to one of your performances to watch you or to act next to you. Either way, you learn how to cope with different feelings. Dramatic play is about fun because you get to see yourself and your New York escort in unusual roles but also about improving your learning.

Engaging in dramatic plays helps you develop all sort of emotions and, most importantly, teach you how to deal with them. Negotiate your role depending on your needs of development. Maybe you want to enrich your vocabulary or you feel that you need to have a better self-control.